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A DPS company

We develop production flows for the pharmaceutical industry that save time and money.


We focus on health, safety and environment for the pharma industry.


We are a team of specialists with 10 up to 20 years of experience, working closely together according to the PMBok certification.

Long term quality

We provide lasting solutions with long term maintenance and scalability in mind.

Project Management

Our project managers are PMBoK certified and follow a strict methodological approach.

Right first time

We are committed on delivering services with a “first time right” mindset, from design to completion.

Civil and finishes

Civil works, laboratory and production areas, technical areas and offices

Clean utilities and process equipments

Clean utilities distribution and production, central services equipments, process equipments

Electricity and instrumentation

Electricity, instrumentation and automation

HVAC & black utilities

HVAC systems, CFD simulation, air equipments, black utilities

Looking for a reliable partner for the construction or renovation of manufacturing units ?

Let our team guide you to the best solution.

Our core team of industry experts

We adopted a cooperative structure with 4 partners and 7 associate partners leading to a true team spirit and a remarkable efficiency.

David Doom

Senior Project Manager
Senior Process Engineer

+32 475 833 770


Peter Van der Sanden

Senior Project Manager
Lead Process Engineer

Serge Dedeyne

Project Manager
Senior HVAC Engineer

+32 474 990 559


Wouter Maeckelberghe

Lead Design
Spatial Coordinator
Room Finishes Engineer

Some of our clients
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