About - F4PE
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F4PE is a specialized engineering company that provides high-quality services in the field of clean rooms and process facilities for production and laboratory sites.
Our services range from basic design to full commissioning and qualification of complete facilities.
With a group of 30 highly specialised engineers and designers, F4PE serves internationally renowned clients in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and cosmetics with support for their facility investments.
Respect for quality, budget and planning is at the forefront of all of our projects.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver solutions for the pharma industry


• Focusing on Health, Safety and Environment

• Having strong individual competences

• Working as one team (PMBok structure)

• Building long term relationships with clients

• Delivering services with a “first time right” mindset

• While continuously improving our quality

F4PE, your partner in pharmaceutical design & construction / biotech

Do you work in the pharmaceutical or biotechnological field and would like to improve your company’s capacity, quality or technical development? Thanks to F4PE (Focus for pharma engineering), your scale change and industrial development projects finally become reality. We are the ideal partner for setting up all stages of a project to build or renovate laboratories and manufacturing units. And this for all your activities in a controlled and documented environment!

An experienced and flexible company

Since our beginnings and still today, we have been basing our practice on fundamental values such as trust and experience. It is for this reason that the majority of our staff can count on more than 15 years of experience in the field of pharmacy / biotech. A guarantee of quality and seriousness!

Thanks to our flexible spirit, our flat structure (two levels of management) and the integration of our different disciplines into an effective communication process, we offer you a structured method according to recognized standards (PMI® PMBoK). It is with this personalised approach that we set up all your projects for buildings or dedicated cells.

Your partner from A to Z

Do you already have a clear idea of your project or do you need sound advice before starting out? From the concrete translation of your needs to the validation and qualification of the process and/or unit, we are at your side. We usually take on projects ranging from a few tens of thousands of euros to several tens of millions of investments. The disciplines in which we specialize are as follows:

  • Modelling of technical units and systems specific to pharma/biotech;
  • Design and construction of clean rooms;
  • Study and installation of ventilation systems and air treatment equipment;
  • Development and realisation of all systems for the production of clean and useful fluids (e. g. water for injection, steam, purified water, etc.).
    We take care of the entire process equipment as well as the analysis and development of the process. The solution you offer us is personalized and studied in every detail.
Our tools at your disposal

As engineers, we also offer you modern and efficient modelling, dimensioning and visualization tools. Finally, project yourself in your missions with a head start:

  • 3D modelling for special techniques, buildings and production areas. Our in-house design office is responsible for preparing your virtual visit.
  • Process, utility and air flow modelling (Schedule pro®, Fathom®, Fluent®).

F4PE is definitely the partner that will make you grow!

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